SharePoint Overview
In today’s volatile economic climate, organizations require collaboration, communication, and productivity solutions to be both cost-effective and flexible. SharePoint Server 2013 can help you achieve new levels of reliability and performance, delivering features and capabilities that simplify administration, protect communications and information, and empower users while meeting their demands for greater business mobility.
SharePoint Server is a preferred choice among organizations to enable rich, seamless, and productive collaboration. SharePoint Server 2013 builds on the investments of previous SharePoint releases to:

lidot Lower IT costs with a flexible and scalable collaboration platform.
lidot Better manage risk by safeguarding your business with secure and reliable capabilities.
lidot Increase productivity through cost-effective and efficient management


Why SharePoint Server 2013?

Manage Cost
SharePoint Server 2013 provides the flexibility to tailor deployment based on your unique business needs. SharePoint Server 2013 provides scalability, reliability, and security while allowing you to take advantage of the latest hardware innovations and computing technologies— making it capable of handling enormous amounts of data faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.
Manage Risk
SharePoint Server 2013 provides a broad range of features and capabilities designed to automate the assignment of compliance policies.

lidot Exercise fine control over who has access to information.
lidot Monitor and report who actually accessed and modified critical information.

Manage Your Time
SharePoint Server 2013 supports users through intuitive tools and solutions that enable them to choose how and when they upgrade and that provide programmatic access to centrally managed compliance policies. These tools and solutions help to ensure consistency and open collaboration, while allowing IT to focus on innovation.

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Capabilities and Features



SharePoint 2010 Sites provides a single infrastructure for all your business Web sites. Share documents with colleagues, manage projects with partners, and publish information to customers.


SharePoint 2010 Communities delivers great collaboration tools—and a single platform to manage them. Make it easy for people to share ideas and work together the way they want.


SharePoint 2010 Insights gives everyone access to the information in databases, reports, and business applications. Help people locate the information they need to make good decisions.


SharePoint 2010 Search cuts through the clutter. A unique combination of relevance, refinement, and social cues helps people find the information and contacts they need to get their jobs done.


SharePoint 2010 Composites offers tools and components for creating do-it-yourself business solutions. Build no-code solutions to rapidly respond to business needs.?


SharePoint 2010 Content makes content management easy. Set up compliance measures ”behind the scenes”—with features like document types, retention polices, and automatic content sorting—and then let people work naturally in Microsoft Office.

SharePoint Foundation server 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 includes many new features, feature enhancements, and general improvements to feature behaviors. Most of these are discussed in the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Software Development Kit (SDK). To learn about features added in Service Pack 1, download the white paper Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

What Is Office 365?

Cloud productivity in one place

Microsoft Office 365 service plans are designed to help meet your business’s needs for robust security, reliability, and end-user productivity.

Microsoft Office

The world’s leading productivity tools in a form that fits your business, today and tomorrow. A version of Microsoft Office delivered as a flexible service and supported by cloud-connected Office 365 services, Office Professional Plus is our most complete productivity experience. You get the latest versions of the familiar Office applications and the Office Web Apps, freeing your people to create, communicate, and work together efficiently from virtually any device.

Exchange Online

Exchange Online offers email, calendar and contacts designed to provide your business with the control you want and the security and reliability you need. With Exchange Online, you run your email on our globally-redundant servers, protected by built-in antivirus and anti-spam filters and unlimited, IT-level phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week in your local language.

SharePoint Online

Keep teams in sync. SharePoint Online gives you a central place to share documents and information with colleagues and customers. Designed to work with familiar Office applications, it’s easy to save documents directly to SharePoint, and work together on proposals and projects in real-time because you have access to the documents and information you need from virtually anywhere.

Lync Online

Lync Online is a next-generation cloud communications service that connects people in new ways from anywhere by using presence, instant messaging, audio/video calling, and rich online meetings with audio, video, and web conferencing. Lync Online transforms interactions with colleagues, customers, and partners from today’s hit-or-miss communication to a more collaborative, engaging, and productive experience.

Microsoft Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps are convenient online companions to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft OneNote that offer you an easy way to access, view, and edit documents directly from your web browser.

Document Management Features

Centralized management of electronic documents

Acts as software to capture, store securely, index, track and retrieve documents of Microsoft supported documents and also other non-supported ones.

Lists and Libraries

A list is a mechanism through which data stored in SharePoint is presented to a user for data input or retrieval. The libraries act as folders where similar documents are stored in a library. SharePoint helps in creating and managing these lists and libraries. Supports document, form, picture and wiki page libraries.

Web content management

The DMS offers a rich foundation for custom Web Content Management solutions. It provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. The DMS helps in maintain Site Collection and Sites.

SharePoint Workspace

By using SharePoint Workspace 2010, information workers can easily synchronize online and offline content with a designated SharePoint site or collaborate with external partners and offsite team members through shared workspaces.