Reconciliation System
A comprehensive data analysis platform that addresses complete reconciliation needs of banks and financial institutions Delivers superior matching capabilities, volume throughput and fully integrated exception management.

ATM /Card reconciliation

ATM Reconciliation

The ATM Reconciliation and ATM Compare programs both automate the daily balancing of the ATM network.

  • Reports transactions
  • Captures Information
  • Eradicates printing the ATM
  • Search and review
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Nostro reconciliation

Nostro Account

banking term to describe an account one bank holds with a bank in a foreign country, usually in the currency of that country.

  • Excahnge rate
  • Fund Transfer
  • External Account Statements
  • Transaction Reference
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Bank Statement reconciliation

Bank statement

It is a process that explains the difference between the bank balance shown in an organization's bank statement.

  • Adjusting the Balance per Bank
  • Adjusting the Balance per Books
  • Comparing the Adjusted Balances
  • Preparing Journal Entries
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Generic Reconciliation

Profit and Loss

Responsible for daily P&L reconciliation, validation and market risk management reporting.

  • Ensure timely and accurate
  • Perform a first level review
  • accurate production
  • P/L data for accuracy
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  • Data Aggregation

    Data Aggregation

    Multi-way reconciliation combine data from one or more sources

  • Multiple Sources

    Multiple Sources

    Flexible data acquisition in multiple data format

  • Executive Dashboard

    Executive Dashboard

    Real time, customizable access to a vast range of reconciliation information

  • High Volume Data

    High Volume Data

    Designed to manage heavy volumes and big data

  • Audit Trail

    Audit Trail

    Detailed data audit trail with ability to view asset history

  • Mobility Enabled

    Mobility Enabled

    Available on IOS, Android, Smart Phones, tablets, etc

  • Rules & Workflow

    Rules & Workflow

    Integrated workflow for complete Asset Life cycle

  • Personalized Dashboard

    Personalized Dashboard

    Save time by viewing important information at a glance

  • Email & Alerts

    Email & Alerts

    Trigger alerts on approaching warranty date, schedule maintenance, certification/calibration, and more.

  • Security


    Data can be masked and encrypted to protect sensitive information.

  • Flexible reporting options

    Flexible reporting options

    Configure, run, and schedule your own asset tracking reports in real time

  • Analytics


    Visualize analytical metrics and graphs

  • Auto & Manual-matching

    Auto & Manual-matching

    Matches transactions automatically while also providing the freedom to manually reconcile transactions, if required

  • Advanced Matching

    Advanced Matching

    Criteria Customizable matching criteria allows users to select multiple rules and tolerances

  • Exception Processing

    Exception Processing

    Identification, tracking, investigation and resolution.


Streamline the Reconciliation Process

Automate & standardize the reconciliation process by reducing errors & inaccuracies

Easy to use

Flexible, easy to use User Interface with minimum user intervention.

Cost effective

Select your modules based on your budget

Achieve operational maturity

Through the growth, consolidation and optimization of its reconciliation solutions and processes.

Easy to Integrate

Facilitating the management of risk and liquidity on an enterprise wide basis.

Highly customize

Ability to customize and change data, match rules, workflow and presentation quickly and easily to continuously improve operations

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