Oracle Applications Framework
Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) is the one of the current front-end application interface framework for browser-based pages. This framework edges well with Oracle eBusiness Suite and is built on technologies like BC4J, UIX, and XSS that form the core of the model and view layers. The Model View Controller (MVC) Design pattern architecture where all your business logic is placed on Model layer and the application user interface is built on.

Oracle Services

From the most comprehensive portfolio of cloud solutions, to the world’s #1 enterprise database, Oracle offers the choice and flexibility to meet your business requirements.

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R12 Upgrade

Today’s globalized business strategies require the ability to achieve ‘universal’ compliance, reduce IT costs, obtain flexible reporting, and perform efficient integrations. With the exception of guaranteeing ongoing product support, organizations typically only consider upgrading to the latest version of the enterprise software, if there is a compelling business reason. Oracle E-Biz R12 includes a host of enrichments from both technology & functional aspects that will enable enterprises to meet these goals and increase IT efficiency.

Services we offer

  • lidotOverall Program Management
  • lidotDatabase upgrades and Administration
  • lidotUpgrade Readiness Assessment
  • lidotUpgrade Planning and Preparation
  • lidotTechnical & Application Upgrade
  • lidotData Migration and Validation
  • lidotCustom Components – Assessment, Retrofit & Redeployment
  • lidotUser Change Management
  • lidotTesting and Validation
  • lidotTraining and User Adoption
  • lidotPost upgrade support

Application Support & Maintenance

Dependable and cost-effective support & maintenance services are mandatory for any mission-critical enterprise application. Outsourcing provides year-round support that ensures smooth operation at a predictable cost. With dependable service levels for trouble shooting and availability, outsourcing day-to-day activities will provide business the opportunity to focus on strategic initiatives.
Key requirements are:
  • lidot24x7 availability of quality support at affordable cost
  • lidotContinuous improvements in the enterprise application

Services we offer

TAKE’s range of services include:
  • lidotHelp Desk
  • lidotFunctional Support
  • lidotTechnical Support
  • lidotApplication and DB Administration
  • lidotDevelopment of Oracle Forms and Reports

DBA Services

Administration of Oracle eBiz application and its core database is a mission critical activity. Businesses need to ensure high availability and scalability of their application instances to make sure that precious business time is not lost.

Large enterprises face challenges keeping pace with the constant changes with the application and operating system technologies. TAKE has been empowering its clients by providing the breadth and depth of technical expertise required to meet these challenges.

Services we offer

The range of niche Oracle DBA services we offer include:
  • lidotOracle Apps Installation
  • lidotOracle Apps Implementation Support
  • lidotOracle Apps Maintenance
  • lidotOracle Apps Performance Tuning
  • lidotOracle Apps System Administration


Typical implementation of MVC Architecture with all the Oracle Applications proprietary concepts of AOL that includes Menus, Messages, Functions, Profiles, Flex fields, Attachments.

Easier enhancements and application Portability

Building enriched User Interface across the Oracle eBiz Suite for your organization

Supporting declarative Personalization’s and durable Customizations

Flexibility of Forms Personalization

Enhanced IDE with Browser and Mobile Support

Implementing Inbuilt Security

Provide the Gateway for Fusion Applications as it is built on Oracle Fusion Middleware technology